How to add a touch of class to your bedroom

downloadWith your touch your bedroom can be a work of art. What you can do is to apply fashionable bedroom in order to match your personal fashion taste. Also, you can use catwalk design  or designer clothes for your inspiration. You should try to convert them into a form of a room or space. Also, you can choose pattern design and wall colors; you can select the material for your bedding sheets, or you can simply go creative by custom made the form of your bunk.

If you didn’t know, bedrooms should be decorated in soothing and calm tones that improve a good night’s sleep.

4-poster bed canopies are in style and there are creative and simple options that can be discovered to create an airy and open yet dramatic effect particularly for people who are claustrophobic.

    1. Curtain box canopy


You can install a wooden curtain box that is about 1 meter in length and 5 inches wide on the ceiling slab or board – at a centered position above the bed.

In order to allow you to hang cloth that will flow behind the head of the bed as a background you can install a curtain rail inside the curtain box. Also, this will leave the front part of the bed exposed to sunlight and air.

You can let the ends of the cloth to cover the posters of the bed and flow to the floor for an elegant effect.

  1. Valanced canopy

You can install 3 curtain rails in a semi-circle at a centered position on the ceiling above the head of the bed if a curtain box is not your style.

By hanging a 3 inch valance on the outer rail you can layer the fabrics.

Those cloths hanging from the central rail should be twice the length of the first one.

You should hang the longest cloth from the inside rail so that it can dress over the bed posters and onto the floor.

The intention of using a valance is to allow the artistic gathers to hide the curtain rail and to let the canopy to make a central point. You can also try with Luxurious TV Beds and you will get great effect!

  1. Wrought Iron

$_1You can attach an imaginatively curved rail of shaped iron above the headboard and about 5 inches below the ceiling – you can use hooks in order to attach the fabric.

Supported by the bed posters the cloth will then flow to the floor or matching shaped iron tie-back holders.

You can select a fabric that will match the decoration in the room and which drapes with no trouble. By the use of light fabric sheers will help to catch the light and also to create a romantic mood.

  1. Child’s room

You should select fanciful colors in order to breathe liveliness into the space if decorating a child’s room.

In order to make it more restful and orderly de-clutter the bedroom and remove stimulants such as laptops, televisions and play stations in order to enhance restful sleep.