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How to buy the top 10 WooCommerce Extension Plugins for $10 each

A list of the top 10 most recommended WooCommerce extensions for your viewing pleasure and how you can get them all from for just $10 each:


# 10 – All Payment Gateways

In order to collect payment through a charge card on your site you will certainly want to call a Payment Entrance business and discover more about their account fees/structure. We have numerous Payment Gateway choices readily available, a few of the top ones include PayPal, Stripe and

There are contrast charts for the Payment Gateways that have numerous choices such as: PayPal &


# 9 – Smart Coupons

Smart Coupons is really beneficial to help extend the core WooCommerce Voucher capabilities. With this you can offer shop credit/sell ‘gift certifications’, link a discount coupon with a particular item, develop a URL voucher to be used immediately upon seeing the link and even import numerous coupons simultaneously using a CSV file.


# 8 – Groups for WooCommerce

The Groups for WooCommerce extension needs the Groups plugin for WordPress – this will certainly permit you to protect material on your website for paying customers just.

For example, if you offered a membership and wanted to safeguard content to only be accessed by paying members you would use the Groups plugin to setup the authorized user function content access settings and you would make use of Groups for WooCommerce to tie these approvals with the product/subscription. Once a client purchases the product/subscription they will instantly have access to the protected content.


# 7 – Subscriptions extension

Among our top selling extensions remains to be the Subscriptions extension. This permits you to create a WooCommerce item that collects a recurring payment for your services or product. With this you can develop whatever type of repeating structure you ‘d such as (each month, every 3 months, every year, etc.). There is a lot of documents on this extension, with numerous of the FAQs customers have actually answered here: Subscriptions Frequently asked questions


# 6 – Catalog Visibility Options

Lots of customer write in asking: “I want to setup a store however I do not want to offer customers the capability to buy, I simply desire them to see my products but not checkout. Is this possible?”.

Not only is the possible however it’s made super easy with the Catalog Visibility Options extension. With this extension you can get rid of the checkout performance, hide rates or set exposure based on an authorized user group.


# 5 – Product CSV Import Suite

The name practically says all of it right here. You can utilize this extension to import/export products by means of a CSV file. Makes it simpler to start or manage a shop with 1000s of products.


# 4 – Gravity Forms Add-on

This is another extension that needs another plugin to deal with items. Gravity Forms is a hugely popular plugin that enables you to develop many different custom-made forms. The Gravity Forms Add-on permits you to add options to your products. You can even include additional prices to these choices. With the Gravity Forms Add-on you can add drop downs, file upload, radio buttons or perhaps conditional fields (if this, then do this).

If you have a look at the documents you can find out more about all the alternatives this extension can give you: Gravity Kinds for WooCommerce documents.


# 3 – Table Rate Shipping

Lots of consumers prefer to create their own shipping rates since they have actually been delivering their items for several years and they know precisely what shipping needs to cost (rather than having a shipping business return rates for them).

To set this up they utilize the Table Rate Shipping which enables lots of intricate shipping rules based upon item size/weight, area, shipping classes and more. You can find out more about all the alternatives here: Table Rates paperwork.


# 2 – Dynamic Pricing

If you have actually ever considered offering discount rates to your customers you will probably need to make use of Dynamic Pricing to help with this. Buy 2 get 1 totally free, 20 % off to gold members just or 10 % off all t-shirts are all made possible with this extension. A complete list of abilities and info on ways to set this up can be found right here: Dynamic Pricing documentation.

And finally THE # 1 most recommended extension is … drum roll please …


# 1 – Product Add-ons

I was in fact fairly shocked to discover this was the top most suggested extension, but it makes a lot of sense. Much like the Gravity Forms for WooCommerce extension, this extension permits you to add options to your products. The most significant distinction is that Gravity Types has advanced features such as conditional fields.

If all you need to do is add simple options to your products such as a file upload or a tailored text choice this extension is all you need. I have actually seen this utilized for all kinds of customized products from notecards to course signups to personalized inscriptions.


So there is the┬álist of the top 10 most suggested WooCommerce extensions. They can all be downloaded for just $10 from WooSociety today. What do you think? Exist any surprises here on the list? Any favorites that didn’t make it to the top 10? Let me understand in the remarks listed below!

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