Why you should work as a wedding DJ

Wedding-djsSome people feel that weddings are a terrible experience, mostly because of the fact that you’re stuck there with the people you might not even know, you’re forced to have meaningless conversations with the people you don’t feel talking to, and so on. However, it is completely opposite when you are a DJ at such an event, because that’s when the luck smiles at you. Every mobile disco should work as a wedding DJ at some point, and we are going to explain to you why believe this to be true.
We’ve spoken to one of the best wedding DJs Berkshire has to offer, and here is why he believes that working as a DJ at a wedding is a must! Read this up, and it will completely change the way you think of weddings, and it may even drive you into taking a shot at being a mobile disco.
The number one reason of why you must work as a DJ at weddings is the fact that you’ll get paid. A lot. You see, the wedding organizers tend to do everything they can to have a perfect wedding, and that includes good music; and they are willing to pay a lot for it just to have a perfect day for the lucky couple. And you never have to worry about whether the money would ever reach you; it will be safely in your hands in no time. Also, you won’t be disappointed with the amount, because as we have already said, people would pay a lot just to have a perfect day.
The next reason why you should definitely work as a wedding DJ is the learning process that comes with it. You see, when you play music at a wedding, it’s not like going to a rave show, and just playing rave music. Here, you have a diverse crowd, and you need to know how to please them all. That means that weddings are a great place to learn how to be diverse with your music and learn about people’s affinity to music, and at the end, you might be able to decide what kind of music the people love just by looking at them. Wedding DJs are great at this, and because of that, many of them make it in the big league somewhere down the line.
And findj-courseally, being a wedding DJ will make you appreciate different genres of music. You may only be one-genre type of person, but that just might be because of the fact that you were never introduces to other ones. Therefore, weddings are a great place to get some musical education and diversify yourself; you’ll hear a lot of great jazz, a lot of oldies, and various other types of music that you might not have even known existed. Learning new things is good for you, and therefore working as a wedding DJ is too. You’ll make more money than a regular DJ, you’ll learn how to work with people, and you’ll experience new things. Sounds amazing.